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Behind the Scenes of The Bow


The Bow is an exciting new jewelry brand that was inspired by travel and the stories of women in the past. Today I sat down with the founder of The Bow to learn more about how the company came to be and the inspiration behind the collections on offer currently. Let’s take a look at what the owner of The Bow had to say when I asked her about how her business came to be.


It’s great to catch up with you today. What inspired you to create The Bow?

I was traveling for work to India while also splitting my time between Italy and Turkey. During the time I was pregnant with my son, I was living just a few minutes away from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. I knew it was time to start working on my passion, so I began taking jewelry classes locally to learn how to begin creating my collection. I worked to combine all of the techniques I had witnessed during my work travels with my passion for starting this new business.


One of the things that particularly inspired me on my journey was the stories of women from history. I continued to explore this theme during my international work travels, where I created strong friendships with women from around the globe. As women, these stories connect us instantly, regardless of our age or cultural background. This was the other strong inspiration for The Bow, and the women of the world still inspire me to this day.


The collections you’ve recently released are incredibly unique due to their historical influences. What was the inspiration for your collections?

As I mentioned previously, women from history are a huge inspiration for my jewelry. I design the pieces after reading about women in the past, and I usually feel drawn to stories that are related to my own personal situation. As a business owner, I try to keep up to date with the current social climate for women, which also inspires my current work. To learn more about these incredible women, I learned about the time and place where they lived, and I particularly found inspiration in the architecture of the time.


The silhouette and techniques that I choose are related to how I feel emotionally from the stories I read. One great example of this is Mata Hari, who was a dancer aiming to climb the ladder to high society. In pieces inspired by her, I used vintage chandelier crystals to create a luxurious and sparkly aesthetic. For the Hypatia Collection, I used molten wax, which I pulled and tugged in reflection of the society of that time. As a powerful woman living in a man’s world, the men were constantly trying to destroy her standing, so I placed this feeling of aggression into the collection.


Each collection has a completely different look and feel to it. How do you create each piece of jewelry in your collection?

Almost every piece you see from The Bow is created from wax. This wax is formed or carved using a different technique based upon the storyline of the collection. The Hypatia Collection was made from molten wax, as Hypatia was burnt to death. I take inspiration from sculpture which is created from wax, and I find both art and jewelry to be incredibly empowering. My studies began with learning the craft of small-scale sculpture, which is why I continue putting these two fields together in my work.


As far as the metal techniques I use, after the wax pieces are completed, they are cast into the metal which best suits the storyline of the work. I generally choose to use either 925 silver or brass which is 18kt gold plated. Finally, I add natural and ethically-sourced gemstones as the final step in the process. As you can see, so much love and attention go into each piece, which is why I am so proud to share The Bow and my collections with the world.


Thank you so much to the founder of The Bow for sitting down and sharing the incredible story of how the collections came to be. Make sure you check out the current products on offer from The Bow to see the finished pieces we discussed above.

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