“Inside each of us, there is a power – a warrior – that has guided us when we set to accomplish what others said was impossible. My mission is to share the voice of our warrior in beautiful, bold jewelry with a raw edge that reminds every woman of the power she holds in the world.” Filiz

My works are forms of self-expression with a raw, antique aesthetic centering on powerful women from history. The collections focus on women who broke through gender and political boundaries in a male-dominated world. Following their storyline, I strive to unify the diversity of women into one emotion of empowerment as a reminder of our past collective accomplishments to push us to achieve our goals in the present.⠀

The Bow’s unique design aesthetic came from the urge to create what I wanted in my own jewelry, the rawness of the traditional techniques, and the feeling of adornment that jewelry was originally meant to have. Living in Istanbul at the time and being minutes away from the Grand Bazaar, I began taking jewelry classes to combine all the techniques I had absorbed during my work travels with my passion. I believe in making each piece by hand one at a time as it was made by artisans in the past.

Connecting jewelry with stories of women from history continued the theme I began to explore during my extensive international work travels where I forged strong friendships with women around the world. These connections always began through one of us sharing a profound experience in our lives. Our stories would connect us as women instantly, no matter our cultural background or age. My works are inspired and emotionally charged with this reminder of women’s collective connection.

Each piece of The Bow is handmade in Montreal using high-quality materials and, natural gemstones knowing that like the stories they carry they will be passed on from generation to generation.


We acknowledge and thank you for the support of the Canada Council for the Arts

The Bow Jewelry
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